About The Band

Ghostrider is made up of a group of seasoned musicians from Nova Scotia, Canada and features players from Pictou County and Halifax and brings you two distinct acts : the 10 pc. Ghostrider & The Allied Horns and the 5 pc. Ghostrider Blues Band. Both ensembles consist of a core band and are fronted by guitarist/vocalist Paul Morse and in either situation, Ghostrider delivers the high energy show that they have become known for, seamlessly transitioning from one song to the next and occasionally "whoa-ing up" to engage with the audience and then rev them up again.
Ghostrider & The Allied Horns features a 3 pc. horn section and two female back up vocalists and deliver that high energy blend of rock, R&B and swing/blues that keep the dance floor full from the first song to the inevitable encore. Their concert/festival show is a mix of rock/blues/R&B and original material. 2011's Take A Ride was Ghostriders' debut album and featured exclusively material written by front man Morse. Highlights from the disc include Ode To Willard, Hey, Eugene...Take A Ride and the epic Westray Trilogy, the latter becoming popular amongst Scottish and Welch coal miners as well as those closer to home.

Band Bios

Ghostrider is comprised of 10 seasoned musicians that deliver a full and rich listening experience on record and on stage that embodies the term "old school" in ways that seem refreshingly new in approach. The long journey each has travelled has led to this crossroads which has produced a truly unique group that has been steadily gaining fan support.

We invite you to learn more about each member, their early beginings, the subsequent years that shaped their talents and attitudes which reflect their "keeping it real" approach that makes Ghostrider what it is today.

The Ghostrider Name

Paul chose the name Ghostrider for the band for a number of reasons near and dear to his heart. Paul and his brother began riding motorcycles at an early age while growing up in rural Nova Scotia and continue to do so. Their uncle rode and owned a Harley Davidson dealership in Sydney, Cape Breton in the 1970s and this was an early influence on them. Perhaps their passion for biking was "handed- down", or "in-the-blood" as their grandfather was a motorcyclist with the Canadian Army during World War 2. Sergeant S.E. Morse was a colorful character and Dispatch Rider with the Canadian Provost Corps (Military Police).